Encounter – Creating an Encounter

In order to conduct a patient visit, there’s essentially two ways to go about it. The First is if there is an existing appointment, or an appointment that’s already been created. The Second is if the provider or user creates an Encounter, using the “Quick Visit” feature, which in turn also creates an appointment, which coincides with the timing of the start of the Encounter. In this module we’re going to explore both.

  • Creating an Encounter from the Dashboard appointment
    • I. Appointment Already Exists
    • II. Creating a New Appointment
  • Accessing existing encounters via PATIENT >> Encounters
  • Creating an Encounter from a Patient Search (the Quick Visit)

This course is intended for those with the roles of: Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant or Physician

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Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate



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Encounters – Creating an Encounter

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