Practice Management Billing Software

Flexible.  Robust.  Complete

Our true cloud-based solution is built for managing the challenges of today’s healthcare marketplace.  Whether for a small office or large multi-specialty groups, OneTouch PM provides all of the practice management, revenue cycle management, Statement and Clearinghouse functions in one place fo rthe ultimate in billing efficiency.  Our all-in-one  revenue management solution provides:

  • Integrated Clearinghouse
  • Real-Time Claim Scrubbing
  • Real-Time Claim Status Updates
  • Auto-Load / Apply ERAs
  • Rules-Based Denial Management
  • Claims Management Dashboard with Drill-Down Capabilities
  • A/R Dashboard with Drill-Down Capabilities
  • Automated Statement Processing & Patient Payment Portal 

OneTouch PM pricing advantages include:

  • No capital expense required
  • No EDI fees
  • Monthly subscription pricing
  • No long-term commitment

In addition to lower up-front costs, OneTouch PM also reduces your investment risk by offering licensing on a month-to-month basis.  If making a large financial commitment has limited your ability to take advantage of new practice management technology, then OneTouch PM is right for you!

HIPAA Security & Reliability with SaaS

Utilizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  OneTouch PM makes the security and reliability of a Tier 4 data center affordable.  Everything in the facility is redundant.  If a piece of critical infrastructure fails, a back-up will begin automatically and without interruptions – providing for 99.9% availability.  The multiple physical and electronic security systems in place protect your data and helps your organization comply with HIPAA requirements.


Robust Features

Run Your Practice Efficiently

Improved scheduling increases the number of patients seen.  Staff and physicians have more time to focus on the patients in the office, as opposed to being burdened with the task of scheduling.  OneTouch PM’s Appointment Scheduler allows you to:

  • Increase office efficiency
  • Improve patient care with automated recalls
  • Accurately track patient statistics

  • Streamline workflow and prevent lost charges

OneTouch PM’s reporting capabilities allow user to extract detailed data on financial performance and patient financial histories.  The system delivers powerful standard reports, and allows users to design their own, ad-hoc reports.  All reports are created in a PDF format for easy printing, storing, or sharing.  Data can also be dropped into a spreadsheet for additional analysis or graphing.

The patient registration process is streamlined with single-screen data entry.  Practices can choose which fields are flagged as required to ensure that the correct information is captured the first time.  Demographics can be entered through scheduling, in batch mode, or automatically through a feed from OneTouch EMR

The first step towards ensuring you will get paid for your services is toe verify insurance eligibility before the appointment.  OneTouch PM offers real-time and batch eligibility checking with results that can be customized to the needs of your practice

OneTouch PM is an open-item system that accommodates both batch and real-time data entry.  Operators can choose to rely completely on the keyboard for efficient data entry.  Charges can be entered manually, via templates, or pulled from OneTouch EMR.  Patients can have multiple responsible parties and multiple active insurance profiles.  Claims submission, primary, secondary tertiary, is fully automated using our Job Scheduler and all-payder clearinghouse.  Electronic Remittance Advice are retrieved and posted automatically saving hours of data entry time every month.

OneTouch PM provides for the capture, archiving, storage, and access to documents and images critical to the billing process.  The digitization of documents and images can streamline workflow, improve efficiency and greatly reduce the cost of document handling and storage.  Inexpensive card scanners can be used at registration to store insurance cards, drivers licenses or other identification cards

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