Master Class – Office Manager – System User

This self-paced course is designed specifically for the “Office Manager” role, and is similar in many ways to the Practice Administrator, but still very different in what that specific role can, and can’t do. This course includes instruction of the dashboard, the limited Administration setup area, main menu and patient areas relative and unique to the role of the user.

Some of the topics covered in this program include;

  • System Requirements
  • Logging In/Out
  • Practice Settings
  • Setting up the Practice Profile and Locations
  • Creating the Appointment Types
  • Setting up e-Prescribing and eLabs
  • Importing & Exporting Patient Data
  • Setting up Calendars
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Creating and Modifying Encounter Workflows
  • Creating Letter Templates
  • Setting up the Patient Portal
  • Setting up and managing Users, Roles & Groups
  • Setting up Directories
  • Setting up the Point of Care
  • Customizing the Health Maintenance Programs
  • Customizing the Preference settings including adding Favorites
  • Selecting and customizing the Review of Systems and Physical
    Exam Templates

PLUS much more.

Course Instructor

Kevin Ehling Kevin Ehling Author

Master Class – Office Managers – System User (1-Time Payment)

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