Patient Charts – General Information

The GENERAL INFORMATION section contains non-clinical patient data such as:

  • demographic and insurance information
  • important contact information for individuals involved in the patient’s care, such as a guarantor, power of attorney, and other emergency contacts.
  • Advanced directive documents
  • A log of patient record request from a third party or internal operations
  • And a list of all past and future appointments

In this course we’ll cover all the sections associated within the General Information tab of the Patient’s Chart.

  • Demographics
    • I. Importing a Patient Record
    • II. Adding Photo and Drivers License
    • III. Custom Fields
    • IV. Creating a Patient Portal Account
  • Patient Preferences
  • Advance Directives
  • Insurance Information
    • I. Insurance and billing limitations
  • Guarantor
  • Records
    • I. Fulfilling Medical Records Requests
  • Appointments

This course is intended for ALL USERS.

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Patient Charts – General Information (1-Time Payment)

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