Have Educators Failed Medical Professionals?

According to National Electronic Health Records Survey, as of 2017, nearly 9 in 10 (86%) of office-based physicians had adopted any EHR, and nearly 4 in 5 (80%) had adopted a certified EHR. Since 2008, office-based physician adoption of any EHRs has more than doubled, from 42% to 86%. ONC and the CDC began tracking adoption of certified EHRs by office-based physicians in 2014.

I recently attended the DFW American Nursing Informatics Association Conference and participated in a panel discussion where we spoke about the effective use of Electronic Medical Records software in an educational setting. In speaking with several medical students and educators, very few, if any new medical providers, or support staff, have had any exposure whatsoever to an EHR. Most of the education they receive comes of their first day in a medical practice, where they not only must learn the nuances of their new role, but are now forced to learn the practice EMR on their own, in most cases. Most have never seen a working Encounter Note, or participated in recording patient vitals, Review of Systems or Physical Exams.

Educators have finally realized a significant gap in the education of new medical professionals and in 2019 we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in the number of Colleges, Universities and Specialized Medical Programs seeking to incorporate the use of EHR (Electronic Health Records) into their coursework. This can only serve to enhance these student’s learning experience and dramatically reduce the time it requires to become an integral part of any medical practice. It also reduces errors and improves patient care.

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