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Every existing patient within the system has their own personal patient chart. The Patient Chart serves as a storage area for all information and activity entered into the system related to that particular patient.

On the top right section of the chart you will see some basic patient information: name, date of birth, age, gender, and medical record number. If the patient has a picture on file, it will also be displayed here. The “Add Appointment” hyperlink allows a user to quickly schedule an appointment for the patient. When the link is clicked the user will be navigated to the “Manage Appointment” window where additional appointment information can be entered to complete the scheduling process

In this lesson we’ll cover:

Add Appointment

Adding appointments within the system is quick and easy. There are four (4) areas in the system where you will see “Add Appointment“,

  1. From the Dashboard
The Dashboard

2. From the Menu Schedule>>Calendars

Schedule>>Calendars>>Add Apointment

3. Menu>>Schedule>>Add Appointment

4. From the Patient Chart

Patient Chart>>Add Appointment

Add Patient

Adding patient’s is a very easy process and may be done manually by the staff, or by the patient themselves via the Patient Portal, which is covered in a different module. In this module, we’re going to focus on adding a patient manually.

You may add a patient in one of four (4) ways. You may add a patient from the Menu bar.

  1. From the Main Menu – Patients>>Add Patient;
Menu>>Patients>>Add Patient

2. From the Main Menu – Patients>>Search Charts

Patients>>Search Charts

3. From the Dashboard;

Dashboard>>Add Patient

4. or from the calendar area of the system. Menu>>Schedule>>Calendars


End of Lesson

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