Telemedicine Encounters

Telemedicine has been available for many years, but has become more prevalent since the Covid Pandemic outbreak. The Telemedicine video encounter is an add-on feature available from OneTouch EMR. In this lesson, we’ll discuss how to use the Telemedicine feature within OneTouch EMR.

If using iPad to conduct Telemedicine visits (using the OneTouch Telemedicine Video Encounter add-on), we recommend iOS 14.3 and above.

Within the system is a virtual “Waiting Room“, where patients and staff may go to have conference calls. You should instruct patients to login to the patient portal before their scheduled appointment and go into this waiting room to be ready for the call with the provider or clinical staff. Anyone may have video calls with patients, and staff members can even have calls with other staff members.

On the dashboard, the patients which are online and waiting will show a microphone icon next to their name.

Once inside the patient encounter, you can initiate live chat with the patients and still do your charting within the visit at the same time. You would chart your patient visit as you normally would.

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